Heart and Soil, part 3: Prayers


In Heart and Soil part 1, we explored Jesus’ parable of the sowers, and saw how the soil is an icon of our hearts. In part 2 we discussed the ways we can restore this icon, for both our own spiritual development as well as an act of practical love for our neighbors. However, even our best actions need to be done with prayer and awareness of Christ’s presence.

As you create your system for restoring soil, and practice opening your heart to God’s Word, here are some prayers to support and focus your effort:


Prayer for a New Compost Pile

King of Heaven and Earth, we thank You for this icon,

For the reminder that even the dirt beneath our feet shows the sign of Your resurrection,

And that even the smallest creature is loved by You.

Father, bless these worms that proclaim Your glory,

The bacteria, fungus, and insects that do Your work.

Bless the soil they create, that it may nourish Your people

And restore Your earth that we have degraded by our sin.

Teach our hearts also to be fertile soil for Your Word,

And bless us with the abundance of Your love,

With fruit of the earth, seasonable weather, and great love for each other.


Prayer for Adding to Compost

Lord, teach my heart also to become fertile soil so that Your Word may grow in me and produce fruit of the Spirit.


Next post will be adding some details about how restoring the soil, even in your own yard, has far-reaching benefits to our beloved neighbors throughout the world. If you find this content interesting, please subscribe and share it with others. Thank you!


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