There is a way of living that promotes harmony between humans, between humans and God, and between humans and the Earth. The ancient Christian tradition teaches this way of living.

This blog explores how living according to traditional Christian teachings necessarily leads to ecological restoration and environmental health. These essential teachings have been passed down from Holy Scripture, saints, nuns and monks, hermits, early theologians, and the desert-dwelling Church mothers and fathers are the common root of every Christian branch. All Christian groups share these teachings in their foundational history, and are invited to rediscover them.

This is not “Green Christianity” or “Christianity and the environment” or other modern mash-up. This is just Christianity, as it has been traditionally taught (though not always practiced) since 33 AD. This blog will focus on questions such as: What is the relationship between God and our environment? How do we, as followers of the eternal logos Jesus Christ, live in that relationship? And how do we practice this aspect of our faith?

ECO = oikos = Home, Environment

THEO = theos = God

LOGY = logos = Logic, Relationship, Study, Word, Christ

In a sense, all of Christian theology is about understanding the communion between the Uncreated God and what He created– the Earth, the universe, and all of us who live here. But, what good is it to have a resplendent theology in lectures and books if we do not live it? If we behave no differently than secular consumers?

“The environmental crisis reminds us of the cosmic consequences of sin… The spiritual root of all pollution lies in our refusal to view life and the world as a sacrament of thanksgiving and as a gift of constant communication with God on a global scale.”   –Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, The World As Sacrament 2010

With prayer and ascesis, we must repent of the pollution in both our souls and our environment. We must take up our cross and life in the Christian way that lifts up creation to God, preserves the beauty of the earth and nourishes and protects our neighbors who live here.




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  1. I forget how your blog was sent to me but I am a theologian who has been focused on environmental theology from an Orthodox Christian perspective since I completed my doctorate on the theology of creation & the environment in 2003 & I have browsed thru this site with great interest. Your summary is very succinct & clear, grasping a number of the main aspects of Orthodox life in the context of God’s creation. I have had a couple of articles published on this topic, mostly from a biblical & patristic perspective & if you are interested, I’d be happy to forward them to you. They concur with what you have written on your blog. V. Rev. Fr. Terence Baz, D. Min.


    • Thank you, Father, for your feedback! I would very much like to read your articles. Would you mind emailing them to me at ecotheologyblog@gmail.com? My goal on this website is to make foundational Christian theology of the environment available to readers on the Internet, using its typical meme and “bite sized” informative format. Any input or feedback you can offer would be most appreciated. Thank you!


  2. Veronica: thank you for getting back to me. I’d like to know some of the history about how you got into this field, how you developed your theology & where you are from etc. Fr. Terence


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